Elementary Linux OS, Athena Silent Computer EOS 3, Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant, Fix Blurry Win10 Apps - TekThing 227

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Elementary OS, Athena EOS 3 Silent PC We review a lot of systems from Dell, Lenovo, and other major mfg, but we're always up for seeing what boutique PC makers are doing, so when Athena Computer reached out to ask if we'd like to review a silent PC running Elementary OS, their EOS 3, Patrick said, "sure!" Reviews of the machine and the OS in the video!
Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant: It finally works! Arsenal finally got Shannon’s Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant to work so she can give it a proper review! Does it help her take better pictures that her Sony DSLR can alone? Do most of the features even work Sample shots and some advice before you think about buying one in the video!
BATTLESTATION!!! Eric's got a battlestation he also considers as Doing Something Analog... he writes, “After spending too much time at my old corner desk I decided to create a new space in my office. Taking a little inspiration from vintage aviation, I built the suspended shelves & desk.  I need to spend more time organizing but I have a great place to show off my Ryzen build.” Thanks, Eric!
Fix Blurry Apps in Windows 10! John's having problems with Windows 10, a hi-res monitor, and apps that look blurry. He’s let Windows try to fix it… which didn’t. We’ve got some more ideas, and an app, XPExplorer Windows 10 DPI Fix, for him to try out!
Your Hotspot Responses Last week we talked about hotspots for international travel. Mike emailed to tell us about his the (extensive!) problems he had trying to use Skyroam Solis, while Harry reminded us that FreedomPop is still out there!
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Do Something Analog Like rebuild your brakes!!! Patrick is dealing with the joy of replacing rotors and calipers on a 2nd gen Dodge Cummins. (Hint: he owns his own 20 ton shop press just so he can work on those brakes!) Also, anti-seize and lube for the win!
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