Ryzen 3000 Release Date! KEF LSX, SVS Prime Wireless, Edifier S1000DB! Travel Tripod by Peak Design! -- TekThing 231

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Ryzen 3000 CPUs!!! AMD RYZEN 7 3700X, RYZEN 7 3800X, AND RYZEN 9 3900X ARRIVING JULY 7!!! OK, we’re a little excited about Computex 2019, from Intel’s Ice Lake and Core i9-9900KS CPUs to AMD’s Radeon RX 5700. Watch the video to find out why!
Peak Design Tripod Peak Design has just added a Travel Tripod to their lineup of outstanding camera gear. Should you join the Kickstarter? Shannon did! Find out why in the video! (And here’s a link to the Camera Panning Base with Arca Swiss Style Plate!)
KEF LSX, SVS Prime Wireless, Edifier S1000DB Powered monitors... speakers with an amp built in, have been a staple in audio and video workstations forever. Do they belong on your desktop or in your house? We review KEF’s LSX, SVS’ Prime Wireless Speaker System, and Edifier’s S1000DB Hi-Fi 2.0 Active Bookshelf Speakers in the video. From $350 to $1100, there’s some great audio here!
Last Episode Sign Off & Goodbye??? It’s been amazing making the show for you, but Shannon and Patrick are moving on in this episode. Find out where they’re headed next in the video. (Hint: follow Shannon’s YouTube channel and Patreon, and you can find Patrick at patricknorton.com.) As always, our thanks for watching, and a huge thank you to our Patrons, you made the show possible!!!
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