OnePlus 7 Pro Hands On, New AMD NAVI GPUs, Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite Review -- TekThing 230

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Navi Leaks/Computex 2019/Oculus Quest
If you're thinking about buying a new pc, laptop, cpu, or gpu... wait till after Computex 2019. There’s rumors AMD will announce new -affordable- GPUs! Oculus Quest are in stock at our local Best Buy… we’ve got a great review of the Quest in Episode 228!
OnePlus 7 Pro Review Bargain Flagship? Meet the OnePlus 7 Pro, a huge upgrade from the OnePlus 6T. Find out how this $800 phone fares against other (more expensive!) flagships, and what happens to the pop up selfy cam when you drop the phone!
Do Something Analog: Maker Faire 2019! Patrick was in the “Take-A-Party” boot at Maker Faire with our friend Ed all weekend, but did manage to see some of the awesomeness. Find out about ServoSocks, the Small Change Arcade, FiberGlider, Tetsuji Katsuda's Music Craftel, and more in the video!
Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite Can a $60 pair of truly wireless earbuds deliver decent audio, Bluetooth connection performance, and hold up to a tough train commute? Watch the review of Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Lite in the video!
Ransomeware Is Still A Thing This kinda blew us away: a ransomeware attack demanding $70K has pretty much shut down Baltimore’s city government. For more than two weeks. Ransomeware isn’t over, more info in the video!
We love Hak5! A lot of folks have been asking about our new location… we’re still tight with Hak5, but Hak5 relocated offices, and no longer has a dedicated studio, so we’re evolving!
Battlestations!!! Mark’s battlestation mixes Ham Radio, SDR, and the Internet on the Isle of Man! Thanks, Mark! And, hey, send YOUR battlestation info and photos (or video!) to Just put “Battlestation” in the subject!
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