TekThing 19: LG G4 Review, Is The C.H.I.P. a $9 Raspberry Pi Killer?!? Best Dehumidifier, Speed Up Your MacBook, MORE!

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Windows 10 Editions: We still don't have a ship date, but MS has released info on all the Windows 10 Editions, from Home to Enterprise, to IoT, and quite a few more.
LG G4 Review: Shannon's got a hands on review of LG's new G4 ... It's got a gorgeous 2K screen and a 16 megapixel camera (and 8 megapixel selfie cam!)... but is LG's latest a Samsung killer??? 
Speed Up An Old MacBook: Phillip’s MacBook Pro is getting a little slow, he wonders "about either maxing out the ram to 8GB or replacing the hard drive with a SSD. Which upgrade do you think will give me the most bang for my buck?” We talk about  how to use the OS X Activity Monitor to figure out if you need more RAM, and talk about what an SSD will do for performance!
Will Windows 10 Run On WinCE ? Mike posted on our Facebook page, “you stated that Microsoft wants windows 10 on every device, does that include mini laptops with ARM processors running WINCE?? if so then I can finally use the $20 one that I bought off of eBay..... cause dam near NOTHING RUNS ON WINCE!!!”
Keep Your Gear Dry: Brian emails ask@tekthing.com, “Back on Tekzilla you reccomended some heavy duty, reusable desiccant packs. I like the idea of throwing a metal desiccant pack into every toolbox I own. What do you suggest?” Find out in the video!
Is The C.H.I.P $9 Computer A Raspberry Pi Killer??? Look at what's new from NextThing: a $9 Linux PC, aka C.H.I.P.  (Yes, we've already joined the Kickstarter!  We're hoping to get hands on with it soon!
LastPass On Phones? Alex writes ask@tekthing.com, "I've been looking into LastPass and I was wondering how it handles phone apps. I've seen youtube videos for browsers but nothing for apps. Example: I use both my banks website when on a computer or their mobile app on my phone. I'm assuming it can't post your credentials directly into the app but I wanted to double check with you guys." Shannon's got answers in the video! 
Stan's Apple Watch Experience Is Better Than Yours: Stan writes in with the suggestion that Patrick "obviously need(s) to spend more time with learning about the watch," then talks Apple Watch Wi-Fi, and reports on his -amazing- battery life. 
Shannon's Gaming PC: Shannon's finalized her list o' parts (here it is up on pcpartpicker.com), now she's waiting for everything to arrive so she can start building. Woot! This is gonna be a monster gaming rig!
Turn On Updates. Please!!! Please Don't Say My Name on the Show wrote ask@tekthing.com: "How about switching up the reminder at sign off every now and again to remind folks to help non-geek friends update their software?  I help some folks out with some tech support on occasion and I'm always amazed to see how many aren't regularly performing vital updates." We're on it!
Analog Pick: Go camping! (Check out the Hak5 Crew up camping at the Mattole River! 

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