TekThing 56: Fix A Slow PC, Encrypt Drives, Secret Playlists, iOS Expense Apps, Turn A SmartPhone Into A Desktop?

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Speed Up Your PC!!!
@DamishBrown tweets, “@patricknorton Can you guys help me with my PC, it used to be able to run CS:GO and TF2 at about 200-500 FPS now it is only doing 100 on low” Let’s talk about system performance! Whether you’re talking counter strike  global offensive or giant spreadsheets… there are a lot of simple things you can do to max performance. Watch the video to find out how to speed up your PC! BTW, here's that link to "Reddit’s CSGO FPS GUIDE and other .. things"
Patron Builds? 
@Phil_Himself tweets, “@Snubs @TekThing are old build videos available to new patrons?” Yup, everybody that supports the show on patreon.com/TekThing gets access to a playlist and notifications when each new build video is released!
iPhone Apps To Track Expenses
Tax season is coming up fast! Need a better tool to track your reciepts and expenses? Shannon's got the pros and cons on OneReciept, Shoeboxed, and Expensify in the show!
Encrypt Your Drive!
@peacesandloves asks on twitter, "@TekThing how do I encrypt my external hard drive? Love the show ^..^" We've gotten this question TONS of times and I’ve never shown how to do it! Watch the video for step by step instructions to use VeraCrypt, the successor to TrueCrypt, to encrypt a drive. 
Portable Audio Player Recco?
John wants to help is older brother, who has a massive collection of audio, and "wants another device to use, not his phone.  Apples iPod classic would have been perfect, but I do not want to buy used.  I am looking for a recommendation for something with 128 gigs or more storage for 200 dollars or less, but if there is something out there that is good at a higher price point, maybe he would spring for it." We say tell your brother to make FLAC files, talk abaout Patrick's Astell & Kern 100, the current AK Jr, and the more affordable FIIO X3 in the video!
Nexus 6p Desktop??? 
Jamie says, "I got a brand new 6p for Christmas with a brand new USB-C connector.  So my question is what can I do with that port besides charge the phone.  MonoPrice has hubs and adapters with all sorts of tempting possibilities, such as Ethernet, HDMI, and DisplayPort.  So I can imagine the phone with an IBM Model M keyboard, mouse, wired internet, 4K monitor, DAC and headphone amplifier, external drive(s), infrared remote for changing channels on the TV, and a charger. Obviously, I want to find the answer without spending lots of money on things that won't work and/or damaging the 6P. Of all the podcasts I listen to, only TekThing has hosts crazy enough to actually try this. So, how much stuff CAN I simultaneously connect to my 6P?" We've got answers in the video!
Block Ads In YouTube? 
Tony says, "Hey love the show. Actually you can block all ads in youtube using this awesome Chrome extension. Not only that but you can enable night mode, hide annotations, speed up preloading etc. I would recommended this extension for anyone who wants to block youtube ads." Thanks for the head up, but, hey, we're in favor of letting our friends on YouTube make a living! (Also, don't forget, it won't necessarily block ads, but you guide the ads you see by interests in Google’s Ads Settings Tool!)
Do Something Analog! 
Jonny writes, "On the subject of something analogue, how about this wheel that my wife made last night? It is made from various thicknesses of card cut on a Cricut flatbed cutter" and it looks amazing. See it in the video!