TekThing 57: WiFi Router Lifespan, Ninite or Chocolatey Package Manager, Android Receipt Trackers, DIE CFL BULBS

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Best Rechargeable Batteries???
The Wirecutter has a new top pick for rechargeable AAs!
DIE CFL Bulbs DIE!!!
GE's turning off the switch on CFL lightbulbs in the US. Good. 
Smart Phone or Laptop??? 
Steve emailed ask@tekthing.com, "do you think in the near future everything you need will be run from one mobile device, including 4k video/TV, gaming, video editing, etc? Is this the beginning of the end for home PCs? Should I wait a bit longer, not bother buying a new laptop and get a better phone instead?" We share our thoughts on smart phones replacing PCs in the video...  and here's those video editing programs we mentioned: Kinemaster and PowerDirector Video Editor
3 Free Receipt Tracking Apps for Android! 
Shannon's got the inside scoop on Smart Receipts, Receipts by Wave, and Google Drive, plus two more expense and receipt tracking tools in the video! 
Chocolatey Package Manager
Craig’s got a hot tip for everybody, “I use Chocolatey Package Manager to install, uninstall, update all my main Windows Software," and a "list of software I use for different reasons." Good stuff, we show you how to use it, and why you might like Choco better than Ninite in the video! 
Cleaning Your PC DOES Speed It Up! 
And while we’re talking viewer suggestions… Jeremy from Alabama, NY caught last week’s episode on fixing slow PCs and shares why you might want to pull the heat sinks and put on new thermal paste. Thanks, Jeremy! 
TekThing on Apple TV? 
@carlos28355 tweeted “I'm new to Apple TV(3rd gen) Is there anyway to get your podcast on here?” and @tvostoday quickly responded, “you can find @TekThing on the podcasts app on your Apple TV or via the their youtube channel :)” Thanks!
How Long Do WiFi Routers Last? 
@stacyuden tweeted @TekThing What's the typical lifetime on a consumer home router? Seems like I only get 2-4 yrs out of mine, and I'm not hard on them." You gave us a ton of answers, from 9 months to a decade... find out more about keeping your router alive in the video! That reminds us, some of you would like a pfSense build! 
Do Something Analog! 
And remember ... once in a while... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like Jason did with his kids!!! (Their very cool build video is right here...)