TekThing 58: $200 Huawei Honor 5X Review, $9 C.H.I.P PC, LED Bulbs, HWMonitor CPU Temps, 7Zip Encryption, Ozzy!!!

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Huawei Honor 5X Review!!!
Phone time! The Huawei Honor 5X went on sale officially last week. - $199.99 - Brushed aluminum, comes in three colors. It’s biggest competition is the Moto G 2015 and the Zenfone 2 from ASUS. Want the specs and the hands on review? Want to know its one big flaw??? Watch the video!!! 
LED Bulb Buying Guide
You asked, so here it is, our LED builb guide from sizes, all the stuff on the FTC label like brightness (How many Lumens = a 60W bulb???), color temperature in Kelvin, what the Estimated Energy Cost means, CRI (Color Rendering Index), why we like 'em so much more than CFLs and more! (Like Lifehacker's guide to picking the right lights for every room in your house.)
$9 C.H.I.P PC Runs!!! 
It boots! It runs! It’s … the CHIP $9 PC from NextThingCo! We've got it live in the video and talk its pros and cons, and the differences between it and the Raspberry Pi series of tiny Linux PCs!
Which CPU Temp??? 
@KendallWhitman tweets, "Hey guys for the CPUID app, there's a cpu temp under the MB and one under the cpu. Temps vary greatly. Which is right?" We walk through CPUID.com's HWMonitor and explain the difference between CPUTIN and CORE and which one we watch in the video! 
7zip For Storing Passwords? 
Anthony writes, "I have a good few passwords to remember and it's becoming a bit of a task . So is it safe to keep my passwords in a txt file and encrypt them with 7zip as a basic and easy single file to go to now and again to retrieve passwords I forget?" 7zip rocks AES encryption and keeps your files local... beyond that, Shannon's got concerns, and some options you might consider for password management. Watch the video to find out what they are... and here's a free 1 month trial for LastPass.
What Was That Headset? 
Steven says, “Patrick, I saw you on TECH NEWS TODAY 1437, and would like to know what headset with Mic you were using.  It sounded good." Find out in the video
Nexus 6p Problems???
Dan the Fan writes, "I'm very interested in the Nexus 6p but keep hearing about the glass across the camera lens spontaneously breaking and more recently about the microphone producing a muffled sound. What has your experience been? Has Google/Huawei addressed these issues?" Shannon's got her experiences with the 6p (and thoughts on hardware problems) in the video!
Do Something Analog! 
Bruno writes, "I like technology, but I like analog too. I like to listen to music. I listen to different genres of music. So what better way to listen to music… in vinyl I say! My analog pick is Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz 180g vinyl album. It has a beautiful album cover art on the record itself. TekThing Rocks," Thanks Bruno!!!