TekThing 59: 9 Picasa Replacements! ThingMaker 3D, Text Msg Kills Android, Dates Kill iOS, Rent A Camera, More!

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Mattel’s ThingMaker is back…
But Mattel (yes, the company that makes Barbie and Hot Wheels) has made it a $299 3D printer.You can pre-order one now, find out when they ship in the video!  The ThingMaker design app looks particularly interesting. 
Time To Replace Picasa! 
Google's getting rid of Picasa. It will no longer be supported. We got several emails from people lookingt for a replacement. Find out the pros and cons of  our suggested replacements, all 9 of 'em, and the Picasa features Google Photo is missing, in the video!  The list includes: 
FlickrWindows Live Photo GalleryPhotos for Mac, Shotwell for GNOME Linux Desktops 
Zoner Photo Studio, Adobe Lightroom 6: Pay Once or $9.99/mth from Adobe, IrfanViewXnViewFastStone Image Viewer
Bad Dates Kill iOS?!?
Don’t set your iOS device to May 1 1970 or earlier… it won’t unlock a retro Apple theme. Nope. it’ll brick your phone in an endless boot loop. 
Text Message Erases Android?!?
And before all the Android users spend too much time pointing at iPhone an snickering, Gizmodo says “Beware This Android Malware That Erases Your Phone With A Single Text.” More info on The BBC.
Chip Credit Card Update... 
Krebs on Security says "No chip for you."
How Can I Try A Camera Before I Buy? 
Lucas asks: “Is there an economically viable way to try out mirrorless cameras? I have found myself wanting to utilize different styles of cameras in my own environment in order to see what would best work for myself. Is there a way to get my hands on say a Sony a6000 or a6300 (Try before I buy). As you may have noticed, I am looking for a higher end consumer model, but do not want to spend $1000+ before I know exactly what I would be dealing with." We've got tons of advice in the show... and here are those places we found online where you can rent cameras: BorrowLenses.com and LensProToGo.com.
I Need An Optical Drive!
CaffineFreeDave tweets, "Oh man I need 2 add optical drive 2 my win 10 laptop 2 rip music CD's Do I just plug into USB and go or is there more to it?" Patrick just bought an LG USB DVD/CD drive... we've got info on it and some great ripping apps in the video! 
Affordable Podcasting Gear?
Debra writes, “Shannon and Patrick,I appreciated the reminder that Sennheiser makes great headphones, but 400 bucks isn't in my budget. Could you give a rundown of microphones, headphones etc. for setting up a decent podcasting environment? It doesn't have to rival the Hak5 Warehouse. I see a lot of folks using what look to be Heil microphones, are they worth the expense of the mic and everything that goes with?"
We talk about those Heil PR 40 mics, USB mixers, XLR2USB adapters, Shannon's favorite all in one option, the Blue Yeti Microphone, headsets, webcams, and more in the video! 
Anthony writes in regards to password managers: “[...] I found a article on Lifehacker about password managers. One that caught my eye was "KeePass" because I don't like to use online password managers like lastpass ect. I would rather something that keeps all offline and secure or local on my own flash drives or PC, and I THINK that KeePass will encrypt all my passwords in one database which then can be accessed using master password and or keyfile." Thanks Anthony!!! 
Do Something Analog! 
Jack writes: 
“Dear TekThing, Thanks for promoting doing something analog. 
My latest analog thing is cooking with Blue Apron. After hearing about it and thinking about it, finally my girlfriend got me a meal delivery for my birthday. I loved it and am hooked. 
Here's one of my latest creations. 
I'm the last person anyone would have thought would cook. At Christmas as I was telling my family about some of the meals I have had recently, my sister said, "Who are you and what have you done with my brother?"
She isn't far off. After passing up drive thrus and cooking for myself for four months, I've lost 20 lbs. I'm a whole new person thanks to doing something analog and a little encouragement. 
I can't wait for the next episode. Thanks so much. 
Jack" Way to go Jack!!!