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WiFi 6
Wi-Fi 6? A couple weeks ago the Wi-Fi Alliance announced that it gonna rename all the wiffies... 802.11AC is now Wi-Fi 5, 802.11n is Wi-Fi 4, and the next gen o' Wi-Fi will not be known as 802.11ax, but Wi-Fi 6. What’s all that mean? What does Wi-Fi 6 promise for your home network? Watch the video!
Dell XPS 13 9370 Developers Edition When Dell drops a Developers Edition of the XPS 13, that means you’ve got a premium laptop that comes from the factory with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux. What’s the battery life like? Does it offer all the features of the Windows XPS 13? Does it cost less??? Watch the video to find out!
400 GB Phone Upgrade!!! A few weeks ago Amazon ran a sale on SanDisk's 400GB MicroSD cards, so Patrick decided to see if he could give upgrade his Moto G6 from 32 GB of storage to 432 GB of storage. Did it work? Watch the video! We also talk about the SD Card Associations new 128TB SDUC standard, what speed card you need (C10? V30? A1? And why faster cards are more expensive.), the new A2 speed class for running Android apps… the SD cards Shannon runs in her camera, and how to spot the fake ones!
Here’s A Dumb TV!!! Apparently there -are- some dumb TVs out there! @wildcardfoxy tweets, "@TekThing Best Buy still make inexpensive dumb tvs. I'm not allowed to upgrade until mine breaks, and 6 years later, it just won't die. (Send help)." Suggestions on how @wildcardfoxy might accelerate his upgrade in the video!
Backup your NAS!!! Oh no! @paul_henman has a tragic tweet: "Backup your NAS" - yes, especially when (as I suffered a couple of weeks ago) a firmware update destroys your RAID-5 volume, but you only discover this after downgrading FW, and then all your data is gone! #BackupsFTW" Ouch, Paul, but thanks for the reminder that everybody should run backups NOW!!! (We walk you through backing up a NAS in episode 193!)
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