Block Ads w/ Pi-hole, Mesh WiFi vs. Cheap WiFi, Ergonomic Contour Unimouse, CPU Power -- TekThing 165

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Patrick Loves Curling @rubrnek tweeted, “#NowListening to the latest @avexcel trying to figure out if Patrick is legit excited about #OlympicGames2018 #curling" Answer in the video! 
Mesh WiFi vs. Cheap WiFi Router Steve in Tampa writes, "I am moving into a three story townhouse that is wired with Cat5 to most rooms. Need WiFI. Mesh networks cost between $200-400. You can buy a WiFI router for less than $40. Tthe throughput may not be as great as a mesh system and hand off not as smooth, but for streaming Netflix, web surfing, etc. is it really worth it to get the mesh setup (at this point in time)?" Speed and handoffs aren't the only advantages mesh gear like Netgear's Orbi or Eero will offer, and we'd spend at least $90 for a good AC router. Deets in the video! 
Contour Unimouse Review Contour's new ergonomic Unimouse promises "Comfort In Motion." Does this adjustable mouse deliver? Watch the video to find out in our review! 
Block Ads With Pi-Hole! Don tweeted @tekthing, “Setup a pi-hole on my raspberry pi a couple months ago and am loving all the crap that it blocks from my home network. Is this the best way to block adds and bad sites?” We explain how Raspberry Pi-Hole works, and its advantages and disadvantages in the video! (We talked about them more in depth in TekThing Episode 121!) 
CPU Wattage Confusion @MarkCooper tweets: "@TekThing how do more powerful CPUs in the same family use fewer watts? An i5 6600k is rated at 91 watts but the much faster i7 6700 non k is rated at 65 watts?" One word: overclocking. First up, check out About Intel Processor Numbers, a guide to decoding their CPU names.... K = unlocked. We explain why that makes for higher wattage in the video! 
Do Something Analog Like Papa Len C, who writes, “I've attached a photo of a recent trip to Disney Orlando for your "do something analog" portion.  Have a great week and thanks again for the guidance." You're welcome!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!
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