2018 Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Hands On! Maker Faire Picks, BenQ EX3501R Ultrawide Monitor, TimeTree -- TekThing 178

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Ossic: Kickstarter Fail!!! We talked about Kickstarter failure rates back in Episode 149. A couple weeks later in Episode 152, viewer Craig sent us a great set of guidelines on how to NOT lose your money on Kickstarter. In the wake of the Ossic X failure, we thought we'd mention Craig's primary rule about Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the video! 
Razer Blade 2018 Gaming Laptop The new 2018 Razer Blade was just announced and Shannon got to get hands on over at NVidia GeForce. (You can find that full video over at their youtube channel!) To find out the best features and the -biggest- problem with -the world's smallest 15.6" laptop- watch this video! 
BenQ EX3501R Ultrawide 100 Hz FreeSync Monitor We love the ultrawide curved monitors around here... and the idea of a gaming friendly monitor that doesn't look like it was ripped off an alien spaceship is tempting... so when BenQ released the EX3501R we got one in for review! 
Better Calendar App for Your Family! Harrison writes, "My family has been looking at different calendar apps to try to sync up our busy schedules for the summer ahead. I was curious if you have any recommendations on which apps work best for Android with the occasional sharing to Apple." We talk calendars, including Google Calendar, MS Outlook, CloudCal, Fantastical 2, and the one calendar we know of that's iOS, Android, and focused on families: TimeTree
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Do Something Analog: Maker Faire 2018 The 13th annual Maker Faire Bay Area took place in San Mateo, CA this weekend. We think it’s the ultimate do something analog. Shannon's saw Furrion's Prosthesis, aka the Furrion Racing Mech in action. (It really moves!) then talked DIY BB8 building with Psy at the Star Wars Builders Club hangout. (More info at bb8builders.club !) Patrick's got close up with the Maslow $500 CNC Router (a successful kickstarter from 2016), MotoHome, SiegeStoves, Clock Ship Tere, Flat Rat Studios amazing DOOP sled, Cohesion's 3D Mini Controllers, Tapigami, Ace Monster Toys, CargoBot, and more! 
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