Amazing Nuraphone Headphones Review! Buying A New Computer Case, Change DNS at Router or PC? GET Makes Any Headphones Wireless -- TekThing 179

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Nuraphone, Sennheiser HD1 Wireless, Bluewave GET Reviews!!! Ben, aka @hardy_bm tweeted, "What do you guys think of the They’re heavily promoted on social media. I’m attracted by the otoaccoustic trickery but not sure how much of it is woo. Your advice is appreciated." We review the Nuraphone headphones (and how they create a custom tuning for your ears) in the video, and compare them to Sennheiser's excellent HD1 (Momentum) Wireless. (In case you already have some great headphones you want to make wireless, we also review Bluewave Audio's GET, a tiny clip on Bluetooth 5.0, AAC, AptX, AptX HD adapter with a built in mic that makes any headphones a wireless headset! 
DNS on the PC or Router??? Alberto emails, "After you told us about CloudFlare DNS, I changed my computer's DNS to the CloudFlare's. I also did this in every device at home. Am I really getting the browsing privacy, speed and security I'm supposed to obtain just by doing that? My MitraStar router doesn't support custom DNS, and that makes me think I'm not really using in my devices. Do I have to be able to enter it in my router's settings in order to use such DNS or is it sufficient entering in every device?" We've got an answer and an explanation of how 3rd party DNS works in the video! 
How do you shop for PC Cases? Bill emailed, "How do you shop for CPU cases? My HTPC's case is tiny and a pain to get in to it and then stuff everything back into it. I'm also considering building a PC with/for my son and I want to make sure that if we do that he gets a case that he will be happy with." We discuss the four critical factors in choosing a PC case in the video... and show off some favorites like the Skyreach 4 Mini ITX, Corsair's Carbide Quiet Carbide Quiet 600Q and Crystal Series 570X RGB, and NZXT's S340. (We also show off what a great PC case review looks like!)
SUPERFETCH FIXED IT John C writes, "Thank you. I noticed a while ago the cooling fan was pretty much full power 100% of the time on my wife's laptop. But as I was reminded it was "working fine" so I left it alone. After watching your current episode you had a question about 100% disk access and 'superfetch' possibly being the culprit." Watch the video to find out what happened, and what SuperFetch does in Windows! 
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