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DEFCON 26 Gonna be at DEFCON 26, August 9th to the 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada? We’re gonna be at DEFCON! Come by the Hak5 booth in Caesars Palace on friday or saturday and say howdy! 
AMD Ryzen 2 CPUs!!! Bob wrote, "Would you consider revisiting Ryzen CPUs to review the GEN 2 products? I am now considering a rebuild (since video cards are coming down in price) and I am on the fence between Intel and AMD." Absolutely, Bob! We talk about the new features in the Ryzen 2 2600, 2600X, 2700, and 2700X CPUs, how the performance compares to Intel,  some thoughts on builds from $500 and up, and more in the video! (If you want to see ALL THE BENCHMARKS, check out the reviews at and!
Bitwarden Password Manager Jake emailed, "I recently heard about a password manager that I wondered if you had heard about. Bitwarden is an Open Source password manager that seems to check all the boxes for me: - open source with an active community - options for the major platforms including browser extensions, mobile apps and Linux support - multiple deployment options including a quick and easy cloud option, or roll-your-own option using Docker- free and premium features. I would love your input and to hear what other viewers might have to say about Bitwarden." We've got a review of the app, migrating from Last Pass (that's what Jake uses) and one major concern about Bitwarden in the video! 
Cobra Dual View Dash Cam with iRadar - Dash 2316D Cobra announced a bunch of new Dash Cameras in June and they are now shipping! Shannon's always looking for the bestest dash cam evar, and she's got a review of  their top of the line Dual View Dash Cam with iRadar - Dash 2316D in the video. With forward -and- rear facing cameras, it's $239.95. That's a lot more than most dash cameras we've seen. Is it worth the money? Watch the video to find out!!! 
LED Word Clock We generally don't cover clocks on TekThing... but when Princess International sent a link to the "LED Word Clock 8" x 8" - Displays Time As Text - Wall Mount or Desktop with Built-in Stand/Powered by AC Adapter (Included)" aka "The Word Clock," Patrick was curious... check the video to see it in action! 
Thanks Hak5!!! A big Thank You to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at, then check out the superior pentesting and USB automation tools over at, such as the WiFi Pineapple Tetra … the latest updates let you emulate an enterprise network and harvest credentials! 
Do Something Analog Like like Nate, who emailed "Been building this 1/8th scale F-100 super sabre out of home depot insulation foam. About ready for maiden. Attached is the build log. -Nate" See Nate's amazing build in the video or click on this link
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