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Google Pixel 3a! Cheap Phone Alert!!! Or maybe midrange w/ a badass camera alert: Google’s new Pixel 3a takes us back to the glorious Nexus days, but with a flagship camera, a headphone jack, and at least one problem! Watch the video to find out more!
Lenovo IdeaPad S940 Lenovo's IdeaPad S940 got a ton of press back at CES 2019, we’ve got a full review of the gorgeous 13.9 Core i7 ultraportable in the video. Is it a worthy alternative to Dell’s XPS 13???BATTLESTATION!!! Dennis emailed, “This is my dual game/ space sim/ video editing setup with LaserDisc/ SVHS/ and HD Cable sources. Two PCs: the Primary is an overclocked 2700x Air Cooled rig with 11 fans on a modified Lian-Li Dynamic 011 case and an older Intel I-3 Torrent/ PLEX Server tied together with KVM Multiplicity software.” Here’s his PCPartPicker List, and a link to Multiplicity!
Oculus Quest vs. Rift-S Review Norman Chan and the crew at Tested have been on the leading edge of VR since the Oculus Kickstarter, Norm’s got the word on the Quest and Rift-S, and which one you should buy, if you should be buying a VR headset at all!

RODE Mic Wireless GO Compact Pack Can a $200 wireless mic system, “the world's smallest, most versatile wireless microphone system” be any good? RODE’s Wireless Go is tiny!!! Watch the video to find out how it compares to professional gear!
DO SOMETHING ANALOG Like Ken, who sent us the most excellent story of how he got drone footage of the cooling towers at the Brayton Point Power Plant in Somerset, MA being imploded. The video is amazing!
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