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Zombieload Flaw Hits Intel CPUS Don’t panic, but you need to patch most Intel CPUs made since 2011… more info is on
Google Pixel 3a Review Is the camera in Google’s $400 Pixel 3a as good as the camera in the Pixel 3? What do you give up compared to the $800 flagship phone from Google? Is this the new Nexus, the best mid priced phone you can buy??? Watch the video!
In 2019, Should We Use Antivirus Software??? Terry, aka @GothamHeightsTX tweeted, “In 2019, should we use antivirus software? I usually use nothing or Microsoft's baked in software for PC's?” Most folks we know just run Windows Defender. Patrick will at Bitdefender when he’s paranoid, with the occasional Malwarebytes Free scan. You had quite a bit to add on Twitter!
Travel Gear Update: It's Time To Upgrade Your Cables! Shannon recently updated her tech travel gear, mostly out of frustration at slow charging speeds with my older gear… did her new cables speed up charging? Yes! Find out more in the video, but here are links to the waterproof cable labels, Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 USB-C to C cable, Anker Powerline II USB C to C gen 2 cable, Belkin USB 2.0 A to USB C, pack of 3 Anker Micro USB to USB 2.0, Anker Premium 60W 5 port desktop charger, the USB C Power Strip, and the 2018 and 2019 DOACE 220V to 110V travel voltage converters. Want to see Shannon’s new suitcase and non-tech travel gear? Check out her personal channel!
Linux Gaming: Mea Culpa Patrick said, “Linux gaming still sucks” during his review of the Elementary Linux OS on Athena Computers silent pc… Don, Ze Gecko, Bartdogger, Joe, and Rob gave us a pretty intense update on Proton, Lutris, what’s going on with Stream, running Windows games on Linux, and, well, a lot more. Patrick will be doing a Linux Gaming segment soon!
Do Something Analog! Like Komei, who writes, “I recently came across this tutorial video on how to print pictures on a stone and I tried it myself.” He says, “The result looks cool.  The best part is it will only cost you $10 or so if you already have an access to a laser printer.” A very cool use of Modge Podge. Thanks Komei!------
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